Data Science

T-PS provides you with advice, implementation and education in all things Data Science.

Data Science enables you to extract information from vast amounts of data. This provides a head start for your business when it comes to your competition. Experienced data scientist derive recommended actions from your existing business data that enable you make your business more efficient. Data Science is able to assist you when it comes to servicing your machines and business equipment in a more pro-active way and to avoid any distruption (Predictive Maintenance). By using so-called Predictive Analytics it is possible to predict future events based on historic data.

Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have long been reality and provide the core of every business that takes digitalisation seriously and as an opportunity. Neuroligical learning does not only take place in the human brain yet has found its way as artificial neurological learning as a key to success for every data-driven business. Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the future and new aspects of your business strategy.

IT-PS provides you with advice and support every step of the way of your project: We analyse the Data Science potential of your business, implement the project together with you or advice you on the best way of implementing it. We are with you when it comes to establishing the know-how in your business. As an Austrian IT system house we are making sure of keeping an eye on the strict regulations of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and act in alignment with it.

IBM Power-Plattform

When it comes to infrastructure our Data Science team focusses on IBM Power Platform under Linux as well as AIX and IBM i and the classic x86 Systems.

Our excellent working relationship with the IBM laboratories enables us to apply the latest technologies in the areas of Machine Learning and Deep Learning on these platforms. We make use of the synergy effect of your existing infrastructure and this in return helps to keep your investment costs low on your way to your digital business.

Project Implementation

Are you looking for experts to assist you in the implementation of your Data Science project?
Get in contact with us! Our Team is by your side with your first Data Science project from the use case identification to the completion of your data product.


The first step to your Data Science goal is the seeding phase starting with a workshop. Here you learn how Data Science works and how to make use of data in use cases. We identify possible cases, evaluate them and together with you decide which cases deserve priority. This enables you have a solid plan at hand within a very short time, providing you with a base for your next meaningful steps.

What is happening in this phase:

  • starting a structural creative process to identify use cases
  • evaluating and prioritising the cases


In the course of Profiling we are taken a closer look at one of the selected use cases and work out step by step how to make it into a prototype. This phase allows you to develop an understanding for the use case and to familiarise yourself with the topic.

What steps are we taking:

  • you develop an understanding for the use case
  • we work out the exact requirements for each case
  • take a look at and prepare the data sources in detail
  • find out about data protectional aspects and implement them
  • define success criteria and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)


The prototype provides proof of the general feasibility via Machine Learning methods. At the core of Prototyping lies the possible application in your business and the architectial requirements connected with it. Let’s go into detail!

What to expect in this phase:

  • data clearing and data processing, feature engineering
  • selection and validation of Maching Learning algorithms
  • training and inspection of models
  • prototypical visualisation of the results


Following the successful Prototyping, we are happy to support you in transferring the solution to a productive environment: the Productionising. To this effect our experts are using an architecture based on container technology allowing you to reach your goal in record time.

What is happening in this phase:

  • refactoring for a productive implementation
  • deployment in scalable container environments in the Cloud and on premise
  • connection to productive data sources and target systems
  • scheduling of training and inference cycles or streaming connection
  • integration in compliance with the Health & Safety Regulations of your business
  • completion and productiv deployment of user interfaces and visualisations


Are you thinking of implemening your Data Science project yourself and need an experienced partner by your side? Our IT-PS Data Science team is happy to advise you and accompany you all the way.


We feel the world needs more experts in the field of Data Science. We provide your staff with comprehensive Data Science training to enable them to become a “Rising Star” in your business as a Data Science Expert. We are offering various levels of training from basics to in depth knowledge comprising everything you need for your day to day Data Science.

IT-PS is by your side every step of the way when it comes to training your team to become data scientists.

Generic Classroom

This is the room for the basics of Data Science. In the Generic Classroom your staff learn mathematical and statistical basics as well as programming of Data Science in Python and R.

Specialized Classroom

We are venturing deeper. In the Specialised Classroom your staff receives fundamental know how through dealing with actual issues relevant for your business. We are adjusting the moduls especially to your topics and use your actual data (if provided) in our learning material.


  • Data Science project procedure
  • exploration, feature engineering, data cleaning
  • model development and Machine Learning based on a precise task relevant to your business
  • scientific methods and relevant statistical basis
  • Applied Python, R
  • Cloud basics
  • data engineering
  • Productionising

IT-PS Data Lab

Our IT-PS Data Science team tends to implement its projects via the IT-PS Data Lab. The lab provides a consistent project environment for all platforms* with all important open source frameworks for Python and R. The consistent use of Docker Container technology enables the swift set up of the IT-PS Data Lab in customer environments on premise or in the Cloud or may be implemented in the IT-PS data center.

The IT-PS Data Lab integrates different development environments like RStudio Server, Jupyter Notebooks/Jupyter Studio and Theia DIE simplifying the collaboration of data scientists and data engineers. The Docker Container infrastructur used in this case provides a solid base for the Productionalisation of data products.

* IBM Power on Premise and in the Cloud, x86 on premise and in the Cloud

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