Infrastructure & Solutions

All your requirements for your new IT infrastructure have been exactly defined. All that remains now is selecting the best hardware and software for your needs – or better said: the best quality, reliability, time and cost.

IT-PS provides you with objective advice independent from any provider and is by your side in finding the best solution for your business. We assist you in finding the best server, best storage solutions and the optimum software for your needs.

As a system house we are naturally happy to install new IT systems into your existing IT infrastructure and supply you with cross-manufacturer end to end solutions. On request we are able to provide you with the management of your server and storage landscape throughout its entire life cycle and are available to answer any questions around your IT software. We rely on our own IT-PS programms as well as products from reputable providers like IBM and Microsoft.
We are very aware that your new solution will have to grow with your business and its growing demands. We therefore make sure that your IT environment guarantees the availability of critical business processes at any time.

You end up with a system, that is

  • safe
  • runs efficiently
  • delivers performance
  • offers seamless scalability
  • provides value for money
  • and fulfils your requirements in every aspect.


We all use the word “server” many times a day, yet how many of us remember its true meaning deriving from the English Word “servant”? He is meant to serve us. And we are making sure, that your server does just that as effectively and smoothly as possible.

Ask for our server solutions and inspirations to make your “server” into a “reliable servant” for you!

IBM Power Systems

As a certified IBM Platinum Business Partner, we are your port of call for all matters of IBM Power Systems. We work out configurations adjusted to your requirements and integrate the systems in your current IT environment.

Power systems are able to run on a variety of operating systems and therefore offer you great flexibility: you chose the best application for your requirements. In combination with the virtualisation solution Power VM you are able to maximise the utilisation of IBM Power Systems in your business. Together with the Cluster Software Power HA System Mirror you are able to make critical environments highly available.

Operating Systems

IBM i is an integrated operating environment that is exceptionally secure and highly available. Our focus as IBM Platinum Business Partner lies on the IBM i services. We implement all requirements regarding IBM i (i Series, AS/400) to the highest specifications and with true “Added Value”.

AIX/Linux are UNIX operating systems based on open standards. More and more businesses are choosing the operating systems AIX and Linux based on IBM Power Systems. AIX is building on longstanding technological innovations of IBM and is able to hold a top position amongst the UNIX operating systems thanks to its performance, safety and reliability. Linux on Power is supported on all power systems by IBM and thanks to this is offering the unique Linux infrastructure, offering scale-out as well as scale-up options. By combining IBM i, AIX and the support of Linux on a combined hardware (Power Systems) you are able to achieve considerable synergies.

Intel based Systems

When it comes to scale-out and implementation of 3-tier concepts we are relying on Intel based systems in our projects and are collaborating with leading businesses.

We are able to offer you systems from the following providers:

  • Lenovo Server and Blades
  • Dell Server and Blades
  • Fujitsu Primergy Server

We use Microsoft Windows operating systems and current Linux distributions with emphasis on Red Hat.

3rd party Software

Most of our software is programmed inhouse – yet not everything. For many years we have been relying on high-quality products from 3rd party providers and arrange any licences, support and subscription for you.

Application Software


Security Software


Systems Management

Microsoft System Center SCCM

Backup and Archive Software

IBM Spectrum Protect (Tivoli Storage Manager)
IBM Spectrum Protect Plus
IBM Spectrum Archive (GPFS, LTFS)

Server Virtualisation

Microsoft Hyper V
VMware vSphere
KVM (Open und Power)

Storage Virtualisation

IBM Spectrum Virtualize Storage-Virtualisierung (SAN Volume Controller)
Microsoft Storage Spaces

Data Management

IBM MQ Series
BMC Control M Scheduler
IBM Enterprise Service Bus (IIB)
Connect Direct

Container Platform System and Orchestration

Docker, Kubernetes

Operating Systems

Suse Linux
Red Hat


SAP HANA speeds up real-time transactions. This optimises business processes and simplifies interactions. The system offers excellent analysis tools which allow you to control your system even more efficiently.

We are very experienced with HANA infrastructures thanks to numerous projects and are able to adjust them individually to your requirements. The same goes for implementing a SAP HANA appliance or using the TDI (Tailored Data Center Integration) approach: integrating an existing enterprise storage solution.

Various providers are offering SAP HANA certified platforms. We assist you in finding the best solution for you and in creating a business case, in choosing a suitable infrastructure, the sizing, the implementation right up to operating your SAP HANA solution (on site or as Managed Service). This applies for SAP BW on HANA as well as for SAP Business Suite on HANA. Rest assured that our experienced consultants are acting in the best interest for you and your business when it comes to guiding you every step of the way from evaluating to operating your system right to life cycle management.

Enterprise Storage

When it comes to enterprise storage more than anywhere else “the only thing that is constant is change”. Once mere ideas like “Software Defined Storage” or “Object Based Storage” have been developed by well-known providers into actual products. The rising complexity and sheer number of providers on the market proofs a real challenge when it comes to finding a suitable solution for each application.

Yet rest assured we are very knowledgeable when it comes to storage systems and architectures by market leaders and are able to advise you on the best solution for you. Our experience allows us to distinguish between an important new development on the market or a short-lived trend. We make sure you get the best possible storage environment for your business.

Our portfolio comprises the following storage solutions:

  • IBM Storage: Storwize Systems and SAN Volume Controller, IBM DS8000 Enterprise Storage, IBM Flash Systems, Cloud Object Storage, Elastic Storage Server, Spectrum Scale, Spectrum SW defined Storage
  • Fujitsu: Eternus CS Virtual Tape Libraries, Eternus DX Storage Systems
  • Hitachi: Virtual Storage Platform (VSP), Hitachi Content Platform (HCP)
  • Dell EMC: Unity Storage Systems

Network Infrastructure

To ensure your system landscape is working to its best ability and is highly scalable, you need the best possible network infrastructure. We offer you flexible, scalable storage network solutions that are based on open standards:

  • Brocade SAN Infrastructure (OEM labelled by IBM, Fujitsu, Hitachi)
  • Ethernet/IP Infrastructure (Cisco)