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Our monitoring software TRIN[IT]Y is an in-house developed IT performance management tool whose strength is the manufacturer independence integration. Each manufacturer offers various tools and functions but creating a holistic picture of your IT infrastructure is tedious and time-consuming. With TRIN[IT]Y you don't need that anymore because our tool offers just that! And much more: What do you think about having 5 metrics of different sources and units combined in a single graph? Or automatic documentation? Would you like in addition an automatic graphical SAN network view?

Then you should continue reading here, because TRIN[IT]Y offers you all these functions and much more in one single tool.

TRINITY – The flexible all-rounder within the monitoring software tools


This performance management tool helps you to prevent enormous costs and expenses. The possibilities of this software go far beyond the scope of a conventional performance monitor. Convince yourself of the user-friendly features this application provides.


With this monitoring software, artificial intelligence helps you to detect peak loads at an early stage. Before an alarm would notify you, you can check if your business could be running into problems. Thanks to Trinity, you are one step ahead and can protect your IT from unexpected failures.


With our IT Performance Management Tool, you can look into the future with a good sense of security. Investments and innovations can be planned early and more realistic with Trinity. Trust our monitoring software as a reliable partner; You can focus yourself on your core business.

The advantages of the IT-PS monitoring software at a glance

  • Display up to 5 metrics in 1 graph

    With Trinity you can see data from different sources like application and resource data - in one graphic.

  • Graphics can be individually adapted

    Our monitoring software Trinity offers a variety of possibilities to give you an overview and clarity: Data in a graphic can be faded in and out, lines can be reformatted, minimum and maximum thresholds can be set, and tabs can be grouped.

  • Causal Clarity instead of symptom control

    Our monitoring software keeps an eye on your processes such as monthly billing runs or billing processes. In the event of abnormalities or deviations, you can quickly and easily get causal clarity instead of just superficially fighting symptoms.

  • Automated SAN network view

    With this, Trinity creates a graphical representation of your actual system configuration.

  • Alarm triggered by artificial intelligence

    Define your own threshold values and how often they must be exceeded or undercut before you receive a predictive alert - using AI in our software.

  • Easy to implement

    Our Trinity software is multilingual, agent-less, has a granular authorization & role system and is plug & play capable.

  • Error analysis in minutes

    Our monitoring software is based on an Influx DB and automatically creates a documentation of your IT infrastructure. In the event of a disaster, this allows you to analyze errors in just a few minutes.

  • Automated reporting

    Create individual reports that are available at any time or even automatically exported; for yourself or your management.

On our TRIN[IT]Y website you can find out more about functions, references, partners, and much more.


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IT-PS IBM i EVENT MONITOR – The specialist monitoring software specialist

Schwarzer Bildschirm mit grüner Programmierschrift für eine Monitoring Software

When it comes to IT monitoring, IBM i is one of the exotic ones. As such, it requires a different monitoring than Windows or Linux systems. For this reason, IT-Power Services has developed the IT-PS IBM i Event Monitor, a software solution that runs directly within the IBM i system. In this way, our monitoring software can respond to all the specific needs of the platform. Thanks to the IT-PS IBM i Event Monitor, the daily manual effort regarding system control is eliminated completely.

The IT-PS IBM i Event Monitor observes defined message queues - MSGs (QSYSOPR, QSYSMSG, application MSGQs) and checks whether all predefined jobs and subsystems are active. If a problem occurs or predefined jobs are not active, the monitoring software sends an e-mail notification to predefined recipients and / or sends a trap into a central event monitoring solution. In this way, the IBM i environment is transformed from a white spot to a well-researched territory – and the requirement of "complete monitoring of IT" is even proactively met.

Currently the following is monitored:

  • Predefined Message Queue (MSG)
    • Ability to filter on each parameter of a message and perform actions accordingly
    • Communication by e-mail and into a ticket system
    • Freely definable which information should be contained in a notification so that easy adaptation to different ticket systems is assured
  • CPU consumption at job level
  • Monitoring of all mandatory jobs
  • Continuous monitoring of job processes from the cradle to the grave
    • Verification of all requirements for successful job execution (e.g. Tape available)
    • Monitoring of successful job starts
    • Monitoring of the correct status of Job Scheduled Entries
    • Monitor of predefined maximum runtime exceedings
    • Monitoring of maximum end time exceedings
    • Monitoring of predefined "errors" in the job log
    • Creation and submission of reports including all necessary details of a job
  • Monitoring of the correct device status (e.g. tape drives)
  • Very easy customization regarding the content of the communication email
    • Monitoring of job errors
Grüner Pulsschlag der die Überwachung durch eine Monitoring Software darstellt.
    • Monitoring of availability and reporting for SLA reasons
    • Monitoring of the audit journal as well as communication in the event of the occurrence of predefined entries
    • Setting of predefined permissions for newly created objects
    • Automatic creation of reports including all commands a user has issued on the IBM i

All these functions can be easily adapted - without any programming know-how.

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Planned enhancements for next release:

  • Read and evaluate flat files (logs in IFS)
  • Monitoring of PAL/LIC Log
  • Syslog: Creation of a log file in SYSLOG format with all relevant system and application messages