IT Managers worldwide are dealing with the virtualisation of servers, storage and interfaces on a daily basis. This makes performance monitoring more and more important these days – and at the same time more complex, so only experts are often able to make sense of it. These topics provided a challenge for us for years and inspired us to develop the optimised applications inhouse.

IT-PS Performance Monitor and IT-PS IBM i Event Monitor are slim line and unique monitoring tools for an end-to-end monitoring (E2E Monitoring) of small IT environments right to complex and fully virtualised enterprise data centres. Both solutions are extremely flexible and adjustable to your requirements. The multi-client capability and role-based access control enable all systems to be monitored centrally – over several different locations and independent departments of a global organisation.

IT-PS Performance Monitor

The IT-PS Performance Monitor monitors all your IT components and combines all collected performance metrics on a clear graph. This enables even system users with little experience to get a quick overview on the performance of the system. The Performance Monitor is the only tool enabling you real-time monitoring across all systems to such high quality.

The IT-PS Performance Monitor requires only ONE monitoring tool for all components:

  • External Storage (e.g. IBM, Hitachi, Netapp…)
  • Fibre Channel Switch (e.g. Brocade, Cisco,…)
  • Virtualisation Layer (e.g. VIO Server, Hyper V, VMware ESX, KVM,…)
  • Client Systems (e.g. IBM I, Linux, AIX, Windows,…)
  • Application

The IT-PS Performance Monitor

  • continuously monitors the end-to-end performance of all relevant IT components and potential bottlenecks
  • alerts you as soon as defined thresholds are exceeded
  • identifies performance differences during low performance phases or e.g. after implementation of a new application or application version and creates automated performance graphs for long term comparison and planning

Take care of your Budget

The IT-PS Performance Monitor provides the perfect tool for you to target your investment in your IT infrastructure precisely according to your individual requirements. This keeps your total costs as low as possible. It shows trends in your infrastructure and you know when the right moment has arrived to re-invest and what investments provide the best cost-benefit ratio for you.

Our customers’ experience shows the IT-PS Monitor „Performance“ Monitor prolonging the utilisation period of their IT by 25%. Instead of having to invest say every 4 years into your system, thanks to the IT-PS Monitor this may be reduced to every 5 years.


System Overview

All monitored systems are displayed with current open alarms and log entries. All pre-defined graphics may be selected via this page too.


This module enables you to define threshold values for each and every measured value.
Based on a sophisticated set of rules, alerts are only sent out when it makes sense to do so.

Authorisation System

Individuals or groups of individuals are able to receive separate authorisation for each monitored system as well as for every single function of the IT-PS Performance Monitor. This means for example that internal teams, departments or individual customers are only able to see graphics relevant to them.

SAN Network View

This module automatically generates a graphic display of the SAN environment. This overview shows you immediately whether the desired redundancy has been achieved in SAN. Any deviations are easily tracealbe by comparing the current state with reports from the past.

Automatically Generated Reports

This module is able to generate a daily, weekly or monthly report for every pre-defined or self-compiled graphic. The report is automatically generated at night and the graphics are stored in the file system.

Predictive: Automated Dedection of Performance Anomalities

For the first time in the history of the IT-PS Performance Monitor the classic performance monitoring is combined with Data Science to provide an amazing tool: it is now possible to predict performance anomalities and to take the necessary steps to ensure the continued smooth running of the system. Predictive monitoring as it should be.

In many cases these days it is not enough to monitor just the high thresholds alone, as production problems are also indicated in values that are too low. The following diagram shows the comparison of the CPU utilisation over two days.

The red graph (CPU usage) shows a significantly lower value between 16.00 and 0.00 than in the same interval the second day. The reason is a not running application. By means of conventional monitoring this lower deviation would remain undedected.

The new modul “Predictive” is continously monitoring the reported performance data. As soon as data deviates, the Performance Monitor generates an event. In case of more of these events being generated, the system raises alarm.

Automated Documentation of Power Server, SAN, Virtualisation and Storage Environment

We are aware how challenging it is to keep the infrastructure documentation up to date in a dynamic environment. This prompted us to develope a new and highly efficient modul for the IT-PS Performance Monitor.

The “Automated Documentation” generates an Excel document with all the essential configuration information for Power Server, VIO Server, SAN Switch and External Storage in regular intervals.

On one hand this documents the history of the configuration and on the other hand shows in case of error what has changed. In short: you have all the information at hand you need in order to rebuild your entire environment in case of disaster.

IT-PS IBM i Event Monitor

In regards of IT-Monitoring IBM i is rather exotic in our field of IT. It therefore requires different monitoring from Windows or Linux Systems. This prompted us to develop a solution with the IT-PS IBM i Event Monitor that runs directly in the system and is therefore able to cover all the specific requirements of the platform. Thanks to the IT-PS IBM i Monitor the daily manual task of system monitoring is considerably reduced.

The IT-PS IBM i Event Monitor monitors defined MSGs (QSYSOPR, QSYSMSG, MSGQs applications) and examines whether all previously defined jobs and sub systems are active. Should there be a problem or should some previously defined jobs not be active, the monitoring software is prompted to send emails to previously defined contacts or reports to a central event monitoring solution. In this way the IBM i environment changes from a “blank space” to “familiar grounds” – and the task of “complete monitoring of IT” has been fulfilled proactively.

Would you like to convince yourself of the efficiency of the IT-PS IBM i Event Monitor by experiencing it in operation? We are offering you to test our solution for free for two months!